Storing Drought Stressed Beets

Feature image credit: Michael Welling, Thünen-Institut (fyi, Johann Heinrich von Thünen – possibly my favourite economist.) While we’re still a long way away from harvesting and storing sugar beets this season in Sweden, we’ve got a bit of time just now to look forward to this busy time and consider what we might be facing.…
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Cadel Evans part 1

Bikes are not one of the things I have a dedicated page for on this website. Maybe I should. Afterall, they are pretty awesome. My first bike was a hand-me-down. A tough as nails BMX that could even handle my dad riding it (see the proof of this right at the bottom of my post…
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BeetLog (AKA Connected Beet)

(Feature image credit: Martin Lishman Ltd, UK) The ‘Connected Beet’ was a highlight of the IIRB 2018 Congress for me. It’s a 3D printed ‘sugar beet’, with a sensor inside that reads number and magnitude of impacts on the beet as it moves through a harvester, or any other process a beet may go through.…
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Borgeby fältdagar 2018

2018 marks the 20th year of Borgeby field days. Congrats to HIR Skåne! When I left work this afternoon (the day before the 2 day event), it looked like they were warming up for a big party to celebrate, although I guess the real celebrations for the organisers come Thursday night when everyone has gone…
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Betodlaren – introduction

Writing for the the industry magazine ‘Betodlaren’ (the beet grower) will be a big part of my work at NBR. My first article was a bit of a gimme: it’s an introduction of myself. Here is a translation of it: William is new at NBR NBR has been awarded a grant from the industry doctor program…
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IIRB Congress 2018

The IIRB (roughly translated to International Institute of Sugar Beet Research) Congress is a biannual event, which, sitting at the airport before catching the flight there, seems to be a standard academic conference with the very specific focus of sugar beets. NBR of course has strong ties to the organization, so we’re all going. I…
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Living LivsID

The Industridoktorander inom livsmedelsområdet (Industry doctoral candidates from the food sector, or ‘LivsID’) program is the world that I’ll be living in for the next 5 years (ie mid 2018 to mid 2023). This program is funded by the Swedish government, through SLU, as part of the national strategy to strengthen the food sector. The…
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Shed i Malmö features on SVT2s Aktuellt

Read all about it, and watch the 10 minute segment on loneliness and health, over at

Drones at NBR: software

There are two parts to this post: Things we use, and things we’ve considered. Things we use (plus a comment or too): Creation and execution of mission for RGB missions (the vast majority): Pix4DCapture. Super easy and smooth. Works really well for us where we can afford to be a little rough regarding mission coverage…
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Drones at NBR: hardware

Here is some info on the hardware we’re employing at NBR and some thoughts from a season and a bit of use. Drones: 2 x DJI Phantom 4 Pro (purchased March 2018). Light, responsive, user friendly. Very glad we didn’t get the Pro+, as it appears to be hard to use different/ third-party apps with…
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