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  1. Introduction
    1.1 Long-term post-harvest field storage of sugar beet
    1.1.1 Post-harvest field storage system
    1.1.2 Long-term storage
    1.2 Principles of successful post-harvest storage of sugar beet
    1.2.1 Healthy sugar beet roots
    1.2.2 An optimal storage environment
    1.2.3 Summary of principles
    1.3 Swedish conditions
    1.3.1 The natural environment conditions: Climate
    1.3.2 The market conditions: Industry agreement and contracting
    1.3.3 Post-harvest field storage under Swedish conditions
    1.3.4 Long-term storage under Swedish conditions
    1.3.5 The broader conditions
    1.3.6 The research conditions: Applied
  2. Aims and objectives
  3. Methods
    3.1 Experimental design
    3.1.1 Field trials including laboratory testing (Paper I and II, and SSs)
    3.1.2 Modified environment experiment (Paper III)
    3.1.3 Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling (Paper IV)
    3.2 Assessment
    3.2.1 Quantifying quality
    3.2.2 Quantifying mechanical properties
    3.2.3 Measurement of dynamic impacts
    3.2.4 Modified environment conditions
    3.2.5 Mass transfer, water vapour deficit, convective mass transfer coefficients, diffusivity
    3.2.6 CFD model functionality and accuracy
    3.2.7 Economic analysis
  4. Results and discussion
    4.1 Plant health and the long-term post-harvest storage of sugar beet roots
    4.1.1 Agronomic inputs and storability
    4.2 Storage environment and the long-term post-harvest storage of sugar beet roots
    4.2.1 Moisture and mass transfer
    4.2.2 Temperature and heat transfer
  5. Conclusions
  6. Outlook


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