• NBR Project Series 656 Harvest and Storage Risk, Work Package 1.
  • This project is financed by NBR, with support from Partnerskap Alnarp.
  • Team: William English and Prof. Kristina Blennow (SLU)

The primary goal of this Work Package is to model the climate related harvest and storage risk for the Swedish sugar beet industry. That is, for any given day of the year, what is the probability that it will be either too wet or too cold to harvest the crop, or too cold to store the crop without extra management? The modelling exercise will focus on multiple areas within the growing region, and use both historical data and climate scenarios.

The modelling of harvest risk will draw directly from the work done in France on this question. This see the STICS crop growth model used to model soil moisture, and the TERRANIMO model for soil compaction risk. For each soil moisture content profile, the TERRANIMO model will give an indication of a field’s trafficability. That is, can a harvest move over the field without causing extensive soil compaction? If time and resources permit, the extra layer of workability will be considered. That is, can the job of harvest be done properly?


Weather data -> STICS -> soil moisture profile -> TERRANIMO -> risk of compaction.