Last updated: 2024-02-15

IDTitleDescriptionRoleTime frameNBR StrategyExtra info
NBR100Variety trialsCombination of multiple variety trial series.Assisting in data analysis and reporting. OngoingBeet Growth101, 102, 103, 104, 116, 124
NBR118Bolting risk is market sugar beet varieties.Testing sugar beet market varieties (SE + DK) for risk of boltingLeadingOngoingBeet GrowthProject page
Took over project in 2024
NBR345Intensified soil samplingRevisiting the resolution with which soil samples should be takenAssisting in data analysis. Precision agriculture
NBR600HSQ Harvest, storage, qualityInternal organisation of NBRs work in HSQLeadingOngoingHarvest, storage & quality
NBR600.04Harvest and Storage in North America and Northern EuropeSummarising the systems, and what they have to learn from each other.Leading2024Harvest, storage & quality
NBR600.05Storage EncyclopediaKnowledge base on all things sugar beet storageLeadingOngoingHarvest, storage & qualityEncyclopedia
NBR639Storage and beet sizeHow does the average root size affect storage losses in a commercial settingAssisting2022-2024Harvest, storage & quality
NBR640Stoils – Storage and soilsRevisitng the importance of soils in the storability of sugar beet, with a particular focus on the soil microbiome.Leading2023-24Harvest, storage & qualityProject page
NBR642Field assessment of QualityTesting market products and developing ML models for the field assessment of sugar beet qualityLeading2024-2025Harvest, storage & qualityProject page
NBR644Alternative clamp coversTesting various candidates for extra frost protection of sugar beet clampsAssisting2024 – Harvest, storage & quality
NBR645Trapping in the coldWhen should frost protection come off after a frost event, and can it be OK to let the frost in if a clamp will soon be delivered?Assisting2024 – Harvest, storage & quality
NBR650.02Clamp Environment Modelling – CFD v2; Soil, Natural convection, Moisture.Upgrading the CFD model of clamp temperature.Leading2023-25Harvest, storage & qualityProject page
NBR650.10Clamp Temperature Modelling – Digital ShadowConnecting the CFD model of clamp temperature to realtime sensors.LeadingHarvest, storage & quality, Digitalisation of Agriculture
NBR655Harvest and Storage Economic ModelA model combining some of what we know about the physical storage system to the payment model.LeadingOngoingHarvest, storage & quality
NBR656Harvest and Storage RisksQuantifying the climate based risks around harvest and storage in Sweden.Leading2024 – Harvest, storage & qualityProject page
NBR706GreenLeaFoodSLU Lead project studying the extraction of proteins from agricultural crops.NBR representative2022-25
NBR707Agrivoltaics: with Region SkåneRegion Skåne lead project studying the integration of solar panels into agricultural systems.NBR representative2023-27Diversification?Project page
NBR760ÄdelholmManaging the sugar beet crop on the Nordic Sugar owned farm ÄdelholmLeadingOngoingProject page
NBR795Med kunskap växa betorNBRs grower courseAssistingOngoing
NBR904RSPUsing satellite data, soil data, yield data, amd machine learning to predict yields in agricultural crops at high resolution. Funded by the Swedish Space Agency.Team member2023-2024Digitalisation of Agriculture
NBR905Nordic Beet Yield ChallengeIdentifying drivers of the yield gap. This includes taking the BBRO BeetGRO model and getting it usable in Sweden, with the goal of using growth models in direct discussions with growers.Leading2023-2025Digitalisation of AgricultureCurrent online version of BeetGro model
NBR912Bolting risk is market fodder and energy beet varieties.Testing fodder and energy beet market varieties (SE + DK) for risk of boltingLeadingOngoingBeet GrowthResults not published
NBR918Bolters – modellingJust providing updated data on the risk of bolting. Will ideally be a map in 2024. Will ideally include field data to validate trial results and model in the future.LeadingOngoingBeet GrowthFinal upload from 2022.
Preliminary report from 2023.
NBR985Drones in field researchManaging the use of drones in NBR research.LeadingOngoingProject page
NBR990Data systems at NBRMainly expanding the NBR project / economy / data management systemTeam memberOngoingGeneral
NBR992kNowledgeBRExpanding our knowledge management systems, including the use of dashboardsLeadingOngoingGeneral