The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, or Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet as it’s known locally, is my host institution as an Industrial PhD. There is a lot that can and has be written about the university, but I’ll just mention a few of my experiences:

Campus Alnarp: The Skåne / southern campus of the university. I’d guess it’s the ‘second’ campus, in terms of physical/ research /education size. While its physical beauty, and research and education output is appreciated, I always have the feeling it is underrated. If nothing else, the campus and farm provide a physical break in the landscape between Malmö and Lomma, which I’m sure many appreciate (and other would like to ‘develop’).

Lönnstorp: Another underappreciated (any under threat of ‘development’) assess the Uni has. Lönnstorp makes up a large part of the research farm area the university manages. This includes the awesome (but underutilised) SAFE infrastructure. Lönnstorp also hosts one of the six variety trials the Swedish sugar beet grower use to select which varieties they will grow the following season.