NBR is always open to student work. Our usual approach is to get students involved in ongoing projects. So, check them out. The following is a list of ideas that would suit a student project in terms of project size, and would somewhat stand alone.

Temporary clamp insulation: lab testsTesting out alternative materials as sugar beet clamp insultation. Current materials that are used as insulation is basically limited to just straw. The current list of alternatives is similarly short, but could be expanded prior to testing. This current list of alternatives is: foam frost protection used in vineyards. Lab testing would likely include a little bit of creative construction, re-purposing the equipment used in a previous study.
Is it worth resowing?Developing a simple model that takes growth estimates for given sowing times and establishment rates, and runs a Bayesian MCMC analysis on the likely outcomes.
Soil biology x aggregate stability & penetration resistanceHeinz-Josef Koch (IfZ) presented the idea at IIRB2022 that these factors are very good predictors of in-field variation in yields – how do we incorporate this into precision ag, and how do we incorporate practices that promote these factors?
Developing wind speed measurement in sugar beet clampsMeasure airflow in a sugar beet clamp using one or numerous commercial wind speed monitor/s.