Podcasts are a great way of building a bubble around things you find interesting or just entertaining. Here are a few podcasts I like.

EconTalk. I list this first because Russ Roberts is the best interviewer of all the podcasts I regularly listen to. Obviously economics focus, and Russ is an unapologetic Libertarian, but he interviews people on all sorts of topics and is very good at open discussions.

Tangentially Speaking. Dr. Christopher Ryan PhD (if you listen to this podcast a little, you’ll understand why I use this full version of his name) puts Russ Roberts to shame went it comes to openness. His bag is relationships and sex, which he talks about only a fraction of the time. Not a podcast I’d recommend to my mum, but it’s usually entertaining.

The Regenerative Agriculture Podcast. With John Kempf. He’s not the most electrifying speaker, but he is mesmerising. I enjoy this podcast so much that I try to review the episodes (see right).

Soil Sense. With Tim Hammerich. Yep, dirt. Sponsored by the State University of, and mainly focused on, North Dakota, but it’s 99% relevant to Sweden. Sugar beets even occasionally get a mention.

Planet Money. NPR (National Public Radio). Short-ish, informative, entertaining, economic ideas. Pretty US focused.

Freakenomics. The long format of Planet Money, and I’d dare say the grandfather to it too.

People I Mostly Admire. Also from the Freakenomics stable, with Steven Levitt as the host. Conversations with interesting people. To be honest, probably not the number one podcast in the ‘interesting conversations’ podcast category, but I haven’t hopped an episode yet.

Earshot. ABC (Australian Broadcast Corp). Pure entertainment, but purely entertaining. Helps with homesickness too.

And some others on the usually listen, but not scared to miss an episode list:

  • The Modern Acre
  • The Future of Agriculture
  • Smith and Marx Walk Into a Bar
  • Ag Tech, So What?