(2024-05-02, sow +14 days, 78 degree-days_base 3, 17.2 mm rain)


On 26 April, 8 days after sowing, we saw a lot of radicles.

On 26 April, 8 days after sowing, we saw the start of a lot of radicles, but not much more (Photo). Two days later, it was possible to fine shoots pushing to the soil surface, but not through it. Maybe the search on the Friday was looking in the wrong places. Or maybe a day of 15 and a day of 20 degrees made all the difference.

By 2 May, we were nearing 100% emergence.


The rain that has come post-sowing came in two spurts. 7 mm on 19 April and 9 mm on 26 April. There are no signs of capping / crusting / skorpor, just a fairly evenly moist sow bed.

Since the 26th, it has been much warmer, with temperatures up to 22 degrees. Temperatures between 15 and 20 are forecast for the next week, so it seems likely that there will be more and more life out there soon.


If it was a conventional variety sown, then the field would be nearing TI. There was a good number of oilseed rape (raps, brassica napus), bindweed (bindweed, Fallopia convolvulus) and various others on the way up. There was a lot of weed just below the surface too, so waiting a day or two would be worth it.

But, this field is sown to a “Smart” – ALS tolerant – variety. So, we can forget about weeds for a few more weeks.


There are again some seeds that have germinated with three cotyledons (Photo). This year, the hope is that the development of these plants will be followed.


Sown on 20 April, the area in which Farmdroid is the boss was also looking good. Emergence was not quite as advanced as the majority of the field, but it looked good. In the photo, two, out of focus and half hidden, emerged plants can be seen in the foreground.


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