(2023-04-14, sow +7 days, 30 degree-days_base3, 15mm rain)

Some signs of life. Unfortunately, some of that life is mice. The further “up the hill” (i.e to the west/ towards the trial site) I went, the more life there was. I would guess that the median growth stage was BBCH02-03 (pellet swollen, on the way to cracking).

The entire field was moist.

Nothing green was noticed anywhere in the field.

Feeling pretty good.

The trial site looks completely undisturbed.

One of the sow units behind a tractor wheel has sown really shallow in a lot of the field: a good percentage of pellets were visible. It was this row that the mice had found. It was also in this row that the majority of the remaining pellets were cracked.

Left: BBCH03 pellet cracks. Middle: BBCH05 radicle emerged. Right: BB gun needed: mice


How do you know if it’s going to happen?

Left: western end of the field. Middle: eastern end of field, with mice damage visible. Right: dense under a wheel track.


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