2023-04-24. sow +17 days, 101 degree-days_base3, 19.0mm rainfall.


We have weeds.

We also have moist soil and a little rain in the forecast. This means the products that require moisture (Centium, Tanaris, Goltix) will be proper effective. Also in the forecast is a fair bit of cloud and cooler weather. This means the products that require light and warmth (Betanal, Ethosat (Safari ?)) will be less effective than they ideally could be, but they’ll still have an effect.

The cocktail that has be prescribed is:

  • Tanaris 0.3 l/ha
  • Goltix 1.0 l/ha
  • Betanal 1.0 l/ha
  • Ethosat 0.1 l/ha
  • Olja

All products can be used up to BBCH18 (8 true leaves). Ethosat can be used from sowing, but the other three products can only be used from BBCH10 (First leaf visible (pinhead-size): cotyledons horizontally unfolded), which the majority of the field is (see below).

Safari has not been included as the oilseed rape pressure is still quite low, and because of the cold weather in the forecast (not recommended with temp <10 deg). We’ll save Safari for TII.

TII will be in ca. 7-10 days from now. The cooler weather may push that out towards the 10 days. If we want to use Betanal again, we have a minimum wait of 6 days (5 days for Tanaris and Ethosat).

Again, it is awesome to be surrounded by experts.


Less than 100%, but getting close. In the area that is observed extra carefully, counting over 50 m (10 m x 5 rows) gave 222 plants, 4.44 / meter, 92 500 / ha.


A lots of slugs, and a few other species, but not many signs of damage. The victim in the photo was a rarity, and the cause of damage wasn’t specified.

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