Borgeby fältdagar 2018

Borgeby fältdagar 2018

2018 marks the 20th year of Borgeby field days. Congrats to HIR Skåne! When I left work this afternoon (the day before the 2 day event), it looked like they were warming up for a big party to celebrate, although I guess the real celebrations for the organisers come Thursday night when everyone has gone home.

2018 is going be a big year for me too. It’s 10 field days (9 years and 1 day) since I first walked through the big inflatable gate in 2009. I got in the paper that year myself (couldn’t find a link to that one sorry) as something kind of exotic; Australian visitors are now commonplace. I think it’s the 6th time I’ve been. The first 4 were as a casual observer, the 5th as an exhibitor for SLU, with 2018 being the first time I go as an observer with an agenda. The theme for 2018 is precision farming and there has been the addition of a ‘speakers corner‘ in which short talks will be given all day on this topic. While I’m super excited about participating in these talks, I’m also super excited about going stand by stand and talking – in bad Swedish – about sugar beets. I know, crazy. And who knows, some people might even recognise me given my recent fame giving profile in Betodlaren. The only slight negative to all this is that I now need two days to get to everything I hope to get to. I’ve done the numbers on it, and I feel it’s worth it.

It also means that I get to have a Gaston and Vega Green Food Truck vego burger twice (or maybe four times).

As well as my usual Tweeting (see posts below), I’ll be writing a wrap for the NBR Facebook page (now posted here).

The 2019 field days theme is water, so I’m hoping one day will do…


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