The 78th IIRB Congress was held 21 to 23 June 2022, in Mons, Belgium, at the the Wallonia Conference Center. This is a summary of the contributions NBR made to the Congress.

First and foremost, the Chair of the entire IIRB organisation in 2022 was none other than the NBR Managing Director, Desirée Börjesdotter. That alone accounts for a mammoth contribution in terms of organisation, Presidential speeches, running the general meeting, and generally being busy and important. Well done Desirée!

The second contribution of note was just the fact we got there: with SAS in financial trouble, Brussels airport closing on the Monday, and some dodgy tires on the car we used to drive the 14 hour trip, the fact that we made it to Mons was in itself a feat.


To the scientific program, NBR contributed no less than eight posters. These sit behind a paywall, but some are available publicly. Click on them to see if they’re linked to the full version.

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