Living LivsID

Living LivsID

The Industridoktorander inom livsmedelsområdet (Industry doctoral candidates from the food sector, or ‘LivsID’) program is the world that I’ll be living in for the next 5 years (ie mid 2018 to mid 2023). This program is funded by the Swedish government, through SLU, as part of the national strategy to strengthen the food sector. The firms that employ the doctoral candidates are actually footing more than 50% of the bill for these projects, but really, everyone wins.

We’re pretty proud to have been one of the selected projects, especially when you consider the amount of effort that went in over such a short time frame. Check out this for a short proposal call:

LivsID timeline

31 Oct 2017: Announcement of LivsID

20 Nov 2017: Proposal deadline. ca. 30 applications received

6 Dec 2017: 22 of the 30 applicants present at a public seminar

15 Dec 2017: 15 of the 22 projects invited to submit full applications

28 Feb 2018: Full proposal deadline

10 Apr 2018: Final 10 projects receive offical confirmation of acceptance

17 May 2018: My enrolment date

LivsID website: ENG SVE

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