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NBRs use of drones: the machines are coming?

(Not the actual title…) This is an English version of my 3rd contribution to Betorlaren (2018 #4), the Swedish sugar beet industry’s magazine. This was an early draft: the final Swedish version looks and reads better, thanks to the four helpful editors that fixed it up before it even went to the publishers.   In…
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Drones at NBR: software

This is the sister post to the one on Drones at NBR: hardware There are two parts to this post: Things we use, and things we’ve considered. Things we use (plus a comment or too): Creation and execution of mission for RGB missions (the vast majority): Pix4DCapture. Super easy and smooth. Works really well for…
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Drones at NBR: hardware

Here is some info on the hardware we’re employing at NBR and some thoughts from a season and a bit of use. Drones: 2 x DJI Phantom 4 Pro (purchased March 2018). Light, responsive, user friendly. Very glad we didn’t get the Pro+, as it appears to be hard to use different/ third-party apps with…
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